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Wiring Harness Routing and Drawing

At the product design stage, we measure wire cable whiel wairing into the actual device. Our support covers from spec determination to drawing.

・A wiring diagram has been made but can’t decide the length of wire cable until the actual wiring is done.
・There are many branches and it looks difficult to wire properly.
・Space is very narrow and it looks difficult to wiring.

If you have concerns as the above, please contact us. Our engineers will help you design wiring layout.

Wiring and Drawing Workflow

Wiring and Drawing Workflow
1. Check wiring diagram of target product
Check wiring diagram of target productOur engineers will check the wiring diagram prepared by you. If you do not specify any coupling parts, we choose the most proper parts out of the ones we handle considering spec, cost and delivery. (We will treat the wiring diagram submitted by you strictly confidential.)
2. Draw tentative diagram (one-sided)
Draw tentative diagram (one-sided)Based on your diagram, we create a tentative plan for each harness to be made. This prototype is for harness placement test with a coupling part only on one side. You need to set a temporary wire size.
3. Make and deliver half-finished product
Make and deliver half-finished productWe only work on one side of the product since the other side is processed at the time of actual wiring.
We produce half-finished products based on the tentative diagram, will be delivered to customers.
4. Wiring work
By using the half-finished product, our engineer will do actual wiring work at your place.
We will determine the size in consultation with your staff responsible for design.
Based on the decided size, the not processed one side will be made on the spot. We will do the wiring again and make sure that it is good condition.
We also offer support for drawing and optimizing parts. For more information, please contact us.
5. Draw diagram for finished product
Draw diagram for finished productAs the size is determined, we will draw a diagram of the finished product with coupling parts attached.
6. Deliver finished product
From the next order, we will deliver the finished products made based on the diagram created.