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For Consumer Products

“Wiring harness” is a collective term of the products made with multiple electrical cables and connecting terminals (called connectors) attached to them. Wiring harnesses are used inside of various home appliances and electronic products, taking an important part in such functions as supplying power and exchanging data or signal. The type that is used for consumer products such as home appliances and electronic devices, including mobile phone, game instrument, digital camera, flat-screen TV, PC and other electronic equipment, is referred as “consumer use wiring harness.”

Our unsurpassed processing technology makes it possible to provide unique products typified by ultra-small connector (with 0.6mm pitch) and short harness (with less than 15mm space between connectors)

Consumer-use Wiring harness

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Ultra-small Insulation Displacement Connector
Ultra-small Insulation Displacement Connector
0.6 mm pitch (the smallest in the industry) XSR connector harness
Useful for making thinner and smaller products
Perfect for compact devices
Mainly used for wiring to speakers, motors, etc.
Short Wiring Harness
Short Wiring Harness
Short length between connectors
Possible to process less than 15mm below a connector neck, For detail click here
Used for wiring in the products such as digital camera and game instrument
TV Cable Harness
TV Cable Harness
Multi-cable harness
Value Analysis is available by assembling harnesses, For detail click here
Used for wiring in TVs and home appliances
USB Mold Harness
USB Mold Harness
Used with USB connectors
Possible to use with any kind of external cables
Special features found in USB connectors
FFC (Flexible Flat Cable)
FFC (Flexible Flat Cable)
We can handle major products at japan and overseas