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Quality Control and Environmental Management

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Our Efforts for Quality Control System

Denso's factories and its group companies’ production bases are all ISO9001 certified and UL approved. By carrying out thorough quality and delivery control, we respond to our customers’ exact requirements.

UL Approved Factories

Approved Factories and group companies Product Category Approval No.
Own Factries Toyama Factory Wiring Harness E145760
Processed Wire E145759
Miyagi Factory Wiring Harness E150355
Processed Wire E204066
Group Companies Denso Industry Asia Co., Ltd.
(Dong Guan DENSO Electronics Co., Ltd.)
Wiring Harness E193003
Processed Wire E346469
DENSO Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Wiring Harness E307626
Processed Wire E307941
Denso Industry Yangon Ltd. Wiring Harness E193003
Processed Wire E346469

ISO9001 Certified Factories

Certified Factories and group companies Cert. Date Cert. No.
Own Factries Toyama Factory Jun. 1, 2005 12 100 25666 TMS
Miyagi Factory Aug. 29, 2002 C2011-01946
Group Companies Dong Guan DENSO Electronics Co., Ltd. Jan. 14, 2003 TUV100 09 1128
DENSO Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Nov. 23, 2004 44 100 085164
Denso Industry Yangon Ltd. Mar. 22, 2018 TH011513

Our Efforts for Environmental Management

In May 2002, our Shin-Yokohama headquarters acquired ISO14001, an environmental management certificate. Aiming to be an eco-friendly company, we have developed a wide range of environmental activities. Today, our environmental efforts are expanded to our productions bases at home and overseas.

ISO14001 Certification Acquisition Status

Certified factories and group companies Cert. Date Cert. No.
Own Factries Shin-Yokohama Headquarters May 15, 2002 12 104 16476 TMS
Toyama Factory Dec. 5, 2018 0012596(EcoAction21)
Miyagi Factory Sep. 2, 2003 C2011-01389
Group Companies Dong Guan DENSO Electronics Co., Ltd. Sep. 2, 2004 12 104 18084 TMS
DENSO Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Nov. 23, 2004 44 100 085165

Our Efforts for Green Procurement

All of our factories are certified by SONY Green Partner Environmental Quality Approval Program.

Certified factories and group companies Cert. Date Cert. No.
Office and Factories Shin-Yokohama Headquarters Aug. 22, 2003 FC006415
Toyama Factory Aug. 22, 2003 FC006416
Miyagi Factory Sep. 16, 2003 FC003501
Group Companies Dong Guan DENSO Electronics Co., Ltd. Sep. 17, 2003 FC003500
DENSO Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Dec. 24, 2003 FC007338
Denso Industry Yangon Ltd. Sep. 28, 2018 FC014771

SONY Green Partner Environmental Quality Approval Program was established by SONY to ensure that its suppliers’ environmental management systems satisfy SONY Technology Standard SS-00259 that sets environmental management code of all parts and materials used for SONY products. SONY approves the suppliers that meets the criteria as its “Green Partner.”

Our plants also satisfy the environmental quality standards of other major manufacturers. For more information, please contact us.

Observing Phthalic Acid Regulation in Europe

Phthalic Acid Regulation (2005/85/EC) was enforced in January of 2007 by European Commission. It regulates the content of seven kinds of phthalic acid used for children’s toys and bans the products which do not meet the criteria from the European market.

Checking Controlled Chemical Substance Content by X-ray Fluorescence Instrument

By using X-ray fluorescence instrument, we periodically check that no controlled chemical substance gets mixed into the production process.

Instrument Owned Unit
XGT-1000WR 1
MX-60Basic 1

Environmental Management at DENSO INDUSTRY

Our Principles for Environmental Practice

We, DENSO INDUSTRY, acknowledge that it is our mission to pass on the healthy global environment to the next generation by eliminating the negative legacy for the earth’s future. Hence, we make our best efforts to protect and improve the global environment through our business activities.

Environmental Policy

Under our slogan “practice the eco-friendly business,” we focus on the comprehensive environmental protection in our daily business activities centered on manufacturing, assembling and distributing of electronic components (harness).
We set the following policy to promote our environmental activities, including improving in-house work environment and greening all products made by us, and to keep track of the state of achievement.

1. We stay conscious of the environmental impacts that may be caused by our business practices, products and services. We make the best possible efforts to take preventive measures for environmental contamination and to promote our environment conservation activities as well as to make continuous improvements to our environmental management system.
2. We comply with all environmental laws and regional regulations relating to our business activities as well as the industry-specific agreements. Also, by setting our own standard, we make utmost efforts, both technically and financially, to promote improvement in our business activities.
3. We conduct in-house education and training programs to raise employees’ awareness about the environment conservation as well as to enrich their understanding of our environmental policy. We pursue our environmental improvement activities by articulating specific measures and policies.
4. We observe and supervise the environmental conservation activities and the environmental quality control systems of the group companies.
5. To adhere to this environmental policy, we set clear objectives and periodically review them. We promote the environmental activities on a company-wide level including our subcontractors.

Corporate Structure for Environmental management

Corporate Structure for Environmental management